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Inclusive exhibitions

  • The Archaeological Museum of Thebes, Ephorate of the Antiquites of Boeotia, offering services to visitors with different disabilities.

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  • University of Athens, Centre of Museum Research, “Myrtis, face to face with the past”. inclusive travelling exhibition, accessible to visually and hearing impaired visitors
    Coordinated the research process, working closely with a focus group of people with visual and hearing impairments, headed the design team and coordinated access awareness training workshops for the museum’s staff

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  • Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens, Directorate of Municipality Gallery and Museums, “People and Things”, inclusive exhibition accessible to partially sighted and non sighted visitors.
    Coordinated the focus group, involved in the museographical study and production.

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Inclusive events

  • Byzantine & Christian Museum, Athens
    Access Greece acted as Co-ordinator and Access Consultant in the open discussion and inclusive exhibition that followed the research project “The Edge”. The project presented the way that people with sensory and cognitive disabilities experience public space and the way that they function within it.

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Tours for All

  • Our motto is “Discover Greece through your senses”. We create multi-sensory tourism
    experiences for disabled travelers to Greece and design tailor-made one day tours, short-stays and longer holiday packages for all people with disability. From designing a themed holiday that matches the visitor’s interests to its flawless execution the Access team ensures that these experiences are accessible to all people, regardless of physical, visual or hearing impairment.
    During the actual holiday, visitors actively participate and gain direct experience of places visited.
    Presently, we offer tours in Athens, Chania, Rhodes, Tinos as well a Classical Tour of Greece.

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    audio_description_at_an_ancient_theartediscovering_artlearning_about_marble craftingtactile_images_and_text_in_braillethe_joy_of_discovering_beautytouching_3d_objectsvisiting_the_sacred_church_on_the_island_of_Tinos
  • The OTE Telecommunications Museum
    Access Greece organized and coordinated multi-sensory tours of the museum for blind and visually-impaired visitors in collaboration with The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece. The participants learned about the history of telecommunications in Greece through their senses.

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Access Audit reports

  • The Tactual Museum of Greece
    We conducted an access audit report and proposed design solutions taking into account all costs, building regulations and their compliance with EU legislation. We also supervised accessibility awareness training seminars for the museum’s staff.

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  • Athens and Attica Hotels Association (ongoing project)
    Access Greece is the Association’s Access Consultant on its
    ‘Tourism for All – inclusive hotels” initiative Our responsibilities include:

    • access-auditing hotels in terms of their built environment, facilities and services
    • Organizing access awareness training workshops for hotel staff
    • Producing a handbook with access-related tips for hotels
    • Putting together access information regarding restaurants, museums, shops, walks, transportation etc.
    • Promoting Athens as an inclusive destination

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    access_auditing_hotelsaccess-level_entrancebarriers-free entrancedesign_for_allinclusive_signageinvolvment_of_local_disability_groupsquality_of_liferespect_to_human_diversity
  • The Museum of Marble Crafts, Tinos Island, The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP)

    We were asked to redesign the tactile paving of the museum’s two main routes towards the museum’s entrance.

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Access Awareness workshops

  • The University of Thessaly, the University of Macedonia and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
    Access awareness workshops were organized by Access Greece for young museum professionals from all over Greece οn the occasion of the programme titled: “Access for individuals with disabilities or special educational needs to the physical and cultural environment of museums and archaeological sites”, at the following museums:

    • Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens
    • OTE Telecommunications Museum, Athens
    • Thessaloniki Olympic Museum, Thessaloniki
    • Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki
    • The Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas, Volos

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    access_auditing_the_OTE_Telecomunications_Museumworking_towards_an_inclusive_museumworking_towards_a_barrier-free_museumvisiting_the_Tsalapatas_museum_at_Volosaccess_auditing_teh_Macedonian_Museum_of_Modern_ArtThe Inclusive_Museum_working_towards_social_interaction_and_social_cohesionpresenting_the_findings_regarding_the_accessibility_of_the_Olympic_Museum_at_Thessaloniki (1)access-awareness workshop_at_the_Lalaounis_Jewlery_Museum

  • The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP)
    On the occasion of hosting an inclusive travelling exhibition at some of the Foundation’s museums as well as its board’s decision to open up the museums to new audiences, Access Greece was asked to deliver access awareness workshops for the museums’ staff.

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Community Engagement Services

  • The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)
    With the aim of achieving community engagement, integration and participation of people with disabilities before the opening of the Center at the end of 2015, Access Greece was asked to assist in the Center’s outreach programmes. Our responsibilities included liaising with various disability groups and institutions and co-ordinating multi-sensory workshops.

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